Passionate Love, Civil War and Tragic Loss

The letters exchanged between General Stonewall Jackson to his wife Anna tell the story of this remarkable couple. Even in the midst of the most difficult military campaigns of the Civil War, the general made time to write extensive letters of love and devotion to his bride. Theirs was one of the great love stories of the war.

Image: A Ride With Anna by John Paul Strain
Riding along the …

A Civil War Love Story

Born August 28, 1831 in Chillicothe, Ohio, Lucy Ware Webb was the daughter of physician James Webb and Maria Cook Webb. When Lucy was two years old, her father died of cholera while on a trip to Lexington, Kentucky to free slaves he had inherited from his aunt. Lucy developed strong abolitionist convictions from her father and grandfather, both of whom were slaveholders at one time.

Image: Lucy and Rutherford B. Hayes
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One of the Greatest Civil War Love Stories

Image: General John Brown Gordon and Fanny Haralson Gordon

Married in 1854, John Brown Gordon and Fanny Harralson Gordon shared a loyal and passionate marriage for nearly 50 years. Fanny accompanied her general throughout the Civil War, and is credited with saving his life on more than once.

Marriage and Family
Fanny Haralson met John Brown Gordon after he left the University of Georgia in 1854 to study law in Atlanta. …Read More...

Romantic Legends of the Civil War

Arabella Griffith married Francis Barlow the day after he enlisted in the Union Army. Francis was a well-established New York lawyer, while Arabella was 10 years his senior and a member of New York high society. The following year she joined him in service to the Union Army.

Image: Arabella Griffith Barlow

Arabella Wharton Griffith was a young woman of twenty-two years when she moved from rural New Jersey to New York City to …Read More...