Highest Ranking Soldier Killed at Gettysburg

Pennsylvania native John Reynolds was a West Point graduate, and soon after the American Civil War began, he was promoted to brigadier general. During the 1862 Peninsula Campaign in Virginia; Reynolds was taken prisoner by the Confederates but was released some weeks later. After his return to the army, Reynolds was named commander of the Union Army's First Corps. He received the rank of major general on November 29, 1862.

In late June 1863, …

A Regiment in the Famous Irish Brigade

When the Civil War broke out, thousands of Irishmen joined the Union Army. Three all-Irish infantry regiments were raised in New York City, and these units would become the core of the Irish Brigade: the 63rd, 69th, and 88th Infantry Regiments, New York State Volunteers. Confederate General Robert E. Lee gave them the nickname 'Fighting 69th'; that designation continued in later wars.

Fighting 69th, the Paintings
In 1991, artist Mort Kunstler had …

These works of art memorialize the heroic actions of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the African American soldiers he led at the ill-fated attack on Fort Wagner, part of the defenses of Charleston, South Carolina.

This painting by John Paul Strain perfectly captures a scene from the Battle of Okolona, Mississippi and highlights CSA cavalry commander General Nathan Bedford Forrest.