Teresa Kretzer is remembered for hanging a huge American flag over Main Street in Sharpsburg, Maryland during the Civil War. When the Southern army arrived she saved the flag from destruction by hiding it in the ash heap behind the family smokehouse.

The Mumma Family Lost Their Home at Antietam

Image: Mumma Farm today

No one in the community around Sharpsburg, Maryland suffered more during the Battle of Antietam than the Mumma family. They escaped the battle, only to return to find their farm totally destroyed by a fire set by Confederate soldiers.

Straddling the opposing sides both politically and geographically was the border state of Maryland. Despite the legislative efforts of the powerful slave holding minority, the majority of …Read More...

Field Hospitals at the Battle of Antietam

During the Battle of Antietam, farms owned by Joseph, Samuel, Alfred and John Poffenberger were used and abused by military personnel. The families passed down stories of hiding livestock and household valuables from the hordes of soldiers who were plundering farms and homes. A teenager at the time, Otho Poffenberger, son of John Poffenberger, fled with other members of his family to the safety of Shepherdstown, four miles away in what is now …Read More...