Agnes Maxwell Kearny: Wife of the One-Armed Devil

Agnes Maxwell was born sometime in 1833, daughter of the customs collector for the port of New York City. Her affair with Philip Kearny, who was nearly twice her age, caused quite a scandal in both Paris and New York City. Agnes broke all societal customs by living with Kearny several years before they were married.

Philip Kearny (pronounced CAR-nee) was born June 1, 1815 in New York City, the only child …Read More...

Highest Ranking Soldier Killed at Gettysburg

Pennsylvania native John Reynolds was a West Point graduate, and soon after the American Civil War began, he was promoted to brigadier general. During the 1862 Peninsula Campaign in Virginia; Reynolds was taken prisoner by the Confederates but was released some weeks later. After his return to the army, Reynolds was named commander of the Union Army's First Corps. He received the rank of major general on November 29, 1862.

In late June 1863, …

Phoebe Couzins: Pioneer Lawyer and Suffragist

In the 1870s, Phoebe Couzins (1842-1913) became the third or fourth female lawyer in the United States and a popular public speaker in support of women's rights. After her father died in 1887, the U.S. government appointed her as the first female in the U.S. Marshal Service, and she finished her father's term of service.

Early Years

Phoebe Wilson Couzins was born September 8, 1842 in St. Louis, Missouri to John E.D. …Read More...

Daughter of Confederate President Jefferson Davis

As the daughter of President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis, Varina Anne 'Winnie' Davis appeared with her father at numerous Confederate veterans' events after the American Civil War and became known as 'Daughter of the Confederacy.' She also authored two novels and wrote for Joseph Pulitzer's New York World newspaper.

Early Years
Varina Anne Davis was born June 27, 1864 in the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia …Read More...