Mary Cunningham Logan persevered after the Civil War to keep her husband's memory alive with bronze plaques at sites where he served and equestrian statues across the country.

Martha's husband John C. Pemberton had served honorably in the United States Army for twenty-four years, but when war broke out in 1861, he agonized for weeks before deciding to fight for the Confederacy and Martha's native state of Virginia.

Wife of Confederate General Robert Toombs

Julia Ann Dubose was born May 15, 1813, in Lincoln County, Georgia. Her husband, Robert Toombs was born near Washington, Georgia, and the couple made their home in a stately mansion there for the rest of their lives. Robert was the first Secretary of State for the Confederate States of America and fought for the South as a general in the Civil War.

Robert Toombs entered Franklin College at the University of Georgia in …Read More...

Bride-To-Be of Stonewall Jackson of the West

Susan Tarleton was born January 6, 1840 in Talladega County, Alabama. She was the daughter of a cotton farmer in Mobile, Alabama. She attended Barton Academy there and was accomplished in music and literature.

Best Man and Best Woman
Confederate General Patrick Cleburne served as Best Man at the wedding of his friend General William Hardee in Demopolis, Alabama on January 13, 1864. Susan Tarleton, the 24-year-old daughter of an Alabama …Read More...

Wife of Confederate General Sterling Price

During the Civil War, Martha Head Price left Missouri and settled in Washington, Texas. In the spring of 1866, she joined her husband in Mexico, and returned with him to Missouri the following year.

Early Years
Born May 2, 1810 in Orange County, Virginia, Martha Head was the daughter of Judge Walter Head, a wealthy planter who emigrated to Missouri in 1830 from Orange County, Virginia.

Sterling Price was born on September 11, …